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Alpha Terpineol BP/IP/USP

Terpineol is a naturally occurring monoterpene alcohol that has been isolated from a variety of sources such as cajuput oil, pine oil, and petitgrainoil. There are three isomers, alpha-, beta-, and gamma-terpineol, the last two differing only by the location of the double bond. Terpineol is usually a mixture of these isomers with alpha-terpineol as the major constituent.
Its chief uses are in fragrance compositions, as a chemical intermediate, and as a precursor in the production of very high purity alpha-terpineol. It is used in soap, cosmetics, flavors, fragrances and deployment of spices, and also used in pharmaceutical, ink, Instruments and utensils color solvent. This product is used in for disinfectants, polishes and household products It works in treating various tropical infections and diseases. It is extensively used in Pharmaceutical industry, Perfumery industry, Agarbatti industry and Leather Chemicals industry for their purity and non-reactive property.


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